Affordable Cremations 


AFFORDABLE CREMATIONS specialize in providing a dignified cremation service without the cost of traditional funerals.  We serve all of South Carolina, are fully licensed and registered with the state of South Carolina and have been established since 1995. 

As cremation service professionals for over 20 years, we assist families who are searching for a low-cost option with a dignified solution.  We understand that not all families are interested in facilities, merchandise and other services offered by traditional full-service funeral homes, that’s why we provide an affordable option to meet your needs.

Affordable Cremations provides a security tracking system that is designed to make sure that the ashes of your loved one, and only your loved one, are returned to you.  Your loved one is logged into our tracking system and assigned an identification number which is engraved into a metal identification disc.  Our security tracking system creates an individual secure identification disc for your peace of mind.  After the cremation is complete the ashes, along with the metal identification disc, are placed in a travel safe urn or an urn of your choice with an Affordable Cremations certificate and shipped back to the address of your convenience.

South Carolina residents deserve an affordable option to fit their budget and Affordable Cremations are happy to provide this option.  Thank You for choosing Affordable Cremations as a provider of the final services for your family.